Syphilis Elimination Project



Recruiting MSM for syphilis testing. The targeted population is Young African American Men who have Sex with Men (YAAMSM) between the ages of 27 to 29.


According to the data from the Center of Disease Control (CDC), there has been a high correlation between Men who have Sex with Men (MSM) who test positive for HIV, MSM who have previously been reactive for syphilis and MSM who are reactive for syphilis upon an HIV diagnosis.  Due to the increase occurrences of syphilis, SCDHEC has initiated this new syphilis initiative.

Under this program, the South Carolina HIV/AIDS Council (SCHAC) has been funded to recruit MSM for syphilis testing. The program’s targeted population is YAAMSM between the ages of 27 to 29; however, a limited number of Black MSM can be tested from all ages.  As a result of this funding, SCHAC has integrated syphilis testing into its Counseling, Testing and Referral (CTR) protocol.  YAAMSM who reside in Lexington, Sumter, Richland, Lee and Kershaw counties can be tested under this program.

 Objectives of this initiative is:

Enroll 185 MSM for syphilis testing;
Enroll 135 YAAMSM from targeted population (17 through 29);
Link MSM who test reactive for syphilis treatment.