Created in 2004 by the Maryland AIDS Administration and utilized on a statewide basis.

In February 2009, the South Carolina HIV/AIDS Council (SCHAC) trained 5 staff members on the
curriculum of Pharaoh and conducted its first cycle of Pharaoh in June 2009.

This program includes thirteen activity based group sessions for 6-12 participants and is designed for males who are HIV Positive or at high risk for HIV/AIDS.  Its original intent is for heterosexual men in an incarcerated setting but can also be offered in restricted or private community settings.
The men in this program are identified as heterosexual or men that prefer women.

The focus of this program is to:

Increase Knowledge and Reduce the Risk of HIV/STIs
Promote Personal Responsibility and Safer Choices
Decrease HIV incidences in the heterosexual community
Instill a sense of pride, empowerment and responsibility among program recipients
Reduce sexual and injection behaviors that put program recipients at risk for contracting HIV/STIs
Teach coping skills and provide an environment in which program recipients adhere to their treatment